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Feeling Bullied? Reclaim your power. Find Freedom and Peace. Part 3.

If you’ve ever woken up in the morning, and for one brief second, felt blissfully safe and cosy …. and then reality dawns …. that bad things happen …. and that bad things are happening to you …. and it feels out of your control and you’ve tried so hard and nothing has worked and you feel powerless and you don’t know what to do and you feel like giving up  and yet you’re angry ….  furious …. because deep down you know that you don’t deserve any of it ……….

sad and alone

Feeling bullied? Controlled? EFT helps you reclaim your power. Part 1.

And you learnt that the world was an unsafe place.

Your natural and innocent desire to trust those around you became eroded, sometimes to the point of complete distrust in everyone.

It can be both hard to believe, and then hard to accept, that it’s the case that people who pretend to care for you do not, and cannot, love you.

Which is one of the many reasons why so many of us go on trying to win the love, the approval, the understanding and the caring, even as it becomes clear to us that we will never be successful.

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