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One -To - One EFT Sessions

Talking to someone who is objective and yet engaged -
- in a confidential and safe setting, will help.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an energy healing therapy, based on similar principles to Chinese Acupuncture (but no needles!).  It has proven success in a wide range of emotional and physical issues.  EFT is able to bring about greater health and well-being in a huge variety of problems.  The benefits of practicing EFT regularly are extensive and sometimes unexpected.

One to One Sessions with an EFT Practitioner provide a safe and unique environment in which to discover and explore the key emotional issues that hold you back.  You have a personal guide who will help you move beyond your negative emotional patterns.  These are patterns of thought that are sub-consciously driving you and the choices that you make in life.  They can have all sorts of complexities. They are triggered again and again in your daily life experiences, at a sub-conscious level.

During One to One Sessions, you can untangle and release these self-limiting patterns of belief.  At your own pace.  In your own time.  Without judgement.

Moreover, during One to One Sessions, you become familiar with the various techniques of EFT, of which there are quite a few.

In time, EFT essentially becomes a powerful self-help technique,  that you can use anywhere and at any time, with often astonishing results.

Why you might choose to have One to One Sessions ...

Your reasons for turning to an EFT practitioner may well be many and varied.

EFT Will Help…

When you’re feeling stuck in your life and when you can sense that something is holding your back……

Or when you know for sure that past experiences have left you feeling unconfident, lacking in self-esteem and feeling deeply unsafe in the world…..

If you have particular issues such as depression, chronic anxiety, phobias, bad habits……

If you have physical issues or conditions…..

When there are events in your past that have left you feeling profoundly traumatised…..

 ….. and so much more …..

You can soldier on, or you can seek help.  Many people believe that soldiering on is a sign of strength, but maybe, the braver, more courageous decision is to ask for help.

Sometimes it’s possible to glimpse from afar, the life we would like to be living, the person we would like to be, and the relationships we would like to have.  And yet somehow the way forward is blockaded and impassable.

The negative beliefs that we have about ourselves and our potential, obstruct our way unintentionally. This is because the sole aim of laying down these belief structures is to try and keep us safe from harm, and away from possible threats. And they are remarkably successful in this.

The problem is that most of these perceived threats are not truly threatening. But they get wired into our belief system anyway, and begin to generate thoughts and actions that stop us from expanding and growing.

For example ...

A very simple example of this is when we grow up in an environment in which we don’t feel loved.

We fail to thrive, and we establish beliefs that we must therefore be unloveable.  As a result we create patterns of behaviour that keep us at a distance from potentially loving relationships.  Close relationships feel too unsafe.  So we push people away.

And also, we find it difficult to give ourselves the love and respect we deserve, (because we’re so unloveable after all!).  This can lead to treating ourselves very badly.

Unlock your heart with One to One Sessions

But then at some point we start wondering why we can’t find a caring, stable relationship…….

How EFT addresses emotional issues ...

EFT focuses on specific issues and episodes in your life where you experienced negative and self-limiting emotions. Sometimes even apparently minor episodes can have a big impact. These specific events become doorways into how your belief system is working, both for you, and against you. One episode often leads to another. Recurring patterns appear.

Go specific ... not Global ...

(There's a link below to find out about 'Episodes' and their use in EFT)

So, let’s take a look at the issue described above; of feeling unloved and unlovable, coupled with the deep wish to have better relationships.

This is a ‘global issue’, rather than a specific event.  A ‘global issue’ will have become part of your belief system as a result of many specific events in your life.

EFT will ask you to recall specific episodes and incidents in your life when you felt unloved, and that still hold an uncomfortable negative charge for you.

It’s likely that there will be many episodes stretching back through your life, and even into early childhood.

Initially, EFT asks you to pick just one. One that somehow seems important, and that has particular emotional intensity.

The episode will only be two or three minutes long, and will have one emotional spike.

EFT asks you to focus on the episode in detail, and then to focus on the feeling of emotional intensity. And then the Tapping begins.

What to expect during a One to One Session ...

Expect a lot of Tapping! 

While EFT can definitely be regarded as a ‘talking therapy’, the ‘talk’ is directed primarily at your sub-conscious, using simple phrases and words that resonate for you.  The words and phrases are then spoken out loud, while Tapping on key points on the pathways of Chi Energy. (There’s a pic. below).

When an episode has come to mind, which is still reverberating with negative emotional charge, you’ll be asked to give the emotional intensity a number on the SUDS scale. This is the Subjective Units of Distress Scale, where Zero is no intensity, and Ten is very intense.  This scale is then referred to, and reassessed at certain points during the session.  This is a means of testing if the EFT is working, and how well it is working.

Depending on how intense (and possibly distressing) the emotional memory is for you, an EFT practitioner will be able to suggest various methods (EFT tools) of focusing on the issue that will avoid unnecessary distress. There’s no need to re-live the incident in vivid detail.


Each Tapping Round will lead to the next ...

(There's a link below for The Complete Beginners' Guide to EFT,
including info. on: 'What is a Round of Tapping?')

Each Tapping Round is guided by intuition and momentum.  One issue, one episode, will lead to another ….. and another ….. and another.  It’s important to explore each episode fully, so no traces are left behind.  A session moves at your pace, and your readiness.  Nothing is forced or pushed.

Even though memories can be painful, and  negative emotional charge can be uncomfortable, EFT One-to-One Sessions can often be fluid, and even playful.  As you feel lighter, fresher and less and less burdened by what has troubled you, even chronic issues that have been with you for years will vanish with ease.

One to One Sessions grow your understanding of the process ...

There’s an artistry to EFT that comes through practice.  Your awareness of your issues grows.  Your sense of how they are woven through you deepens. 

And your understanding of how they hold you back becomes clear.

You’re able, with growing intuition and openness, to explore the past episodes and events of your life with far greater clarity and focus.

Sometimes, the presence of a practitioner gives an added sense of security.  While part of us really wants to let go and move forward and explore new territory, there are reasons why releasing some of our old patterns of belief can be challenging.  Often because they’re familiar and comfortable. And part of us likes familiarity!

In the safe space of a One to One Session, it’s easier to observe how many of these old beliefs really are working against you.

And the ability to let them go because they’re no longer useful to you becomes peaceably and joyfully possible.

When we let go of our fears, we don't abandon common sense at the same time. We just clear the fear, leaving us free to make positive choices with clarity and discernment ... and with joy in our hearts ...

Decisions get easier, ways to move forward appear.  Ideas start forming.  Possibilities of what actions you might take to get closer to your hopes and dreams start showing up. 

You have what are called ‘Aha’ moments.  Also known as cognitive shifts.

Which is when all the different pieces fall into place, and you gain new perspectives.

And then everything starts to make sense.  And you start to recognise what it really feels like to have emotional freedom.

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