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EFT ~ Trauma ~ Mental Health Issues

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.  This is particularly true when you’ve experienced trauma in your life.

Some of us are living with mental health issues on a daily basis.  Some of us have been faced with traumatic experiences that can leave us emotionally scarred for decades.  Many of us find ourselves living in a social culture that expects us to carry on regardless.  Many of us have learnt that it’s a sign of weakness to reveal our emotional vulnerabilities and distress.

So we internalise our fears and do the best we can at any given moment, even though it can sometimes feel as though we’re dying inside.

The Question is : Why do we do this to ourselves?

The answers lie largely in our past.  When we are faced with difficult and challenging events as children, we have few resources to assimilate them.  We tend to take the blame on ourselves. We get paralysed by shock and sometimes shame.  Lasting damage is inflicted.  As we progress into adulthood, we remain unable to determine for ourselves who we are and how we wish to be in the world. We have been programmed, unsurprisingly, to anticipate difficulties.  So of course, we both attract and focus on new difficulties that inevitably arise in our lives, but we have neither the ability nor the resources to overcome them.

This can lead to Chronic Anxiety and Depression ...

These conditions are so debilitating. They take their toll in every aspect of our lives, from our own physical well-being to the relationships we form in the world.  We feel helpless in the face of them.  Powerless to change our lives for the better.

Yet there was a time in your past when you were free of your issues. It may feel like a very, very long time ago, but you weren’t born feeling this way.

But the memory of the event, or more likely many memories of a long succession of events, will keep activating the same set of beliefs and behaviour patterns that will continue to keep you stuck. Because even though you don’t feel good, you are in a place that feels familar.

The important thing is; we've learnt these beliefs at a sub-conscious level, and this means that it's possible to unlearn them.

EFT has a proven track record in helping those with chronic issues such as anxiety and depression, as well as those who’ve experienced trauma, and those suffering with Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD).

Certain aspects of EFT are specifically designed to remove deep emotional issues without causing unnecessary real-time distress.  These are considered advanced techniques, and it does take time to learn them. Working through Trauma and finding healing may take time.  The guidance of an EFT practitioner can be hugely beneficial in these circumstances.

However, if you’d like to try the Basic EFT ~ Tapping Technique, you can find a link below to the EFT South UK complete Beginners’ Guide.  Just remember to be kind to yourself.

If you have mental health issues, please remember that you’re far from alone.  Even though I know it feels like you are a lot of the time.  There are therapists, mental health practitioners, and organisations somewhere near you, who are there to help.

Please don’t suffer alone.  Reach out to someone somewhere….. you’ll feel better for it …..

Probably the bravest thing we can do is to decide to own our experience and learn to change what hold us back. And to ask for help when we need it.

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