Deborah Nancy Sage Lic. Ac. Coach + Mentor

 I show women in their 40’s ~ 90’s +++ who want to do something more with their lives, who lack self-confidence, are sometimes beset by anxiety and self-doubt, and who have creative talents and cherished dreams still locked away inside of them, how to clear inner resistance and self-sabotage,  fulfill  their potential and achieve their deeply-treasured goals.

Welcome to EFT South UK

I show women over 40 who want to change and transform their lives, because they feel as though they've lost their way, and are struggling with feelings of anxiety, lack of confidence and self-doubt; how to create their own true, abundant, authentic, and purposeful life.

Hi. I'm so glad you're here...

To all women over 40, who have talents and ideas and cherished hopes and unrealised dreams locked away and neglected in a box in the shadows, and who are lacking self-confidence, and sometimes feel beset by anxiety, and feel unable to find the ways to realise your treasured goals;  if you’re wondering what to do, and keep putting it all off, you’ve come to the right place!

Can I ask a few questions … ?

Do you want more from life?   Is something holding you back?

Are you sometimes beset by feelings of anxiety and self-doubt?

What has happened to your cherished dreams?   What has happened to your unique creative gifts and talents?

In what ways do you still feel unfulfilled?

Are you struggling with lack of confidence?   Do you feel as though you lost your way?

Do you feel as though time is slipping by?

If some of your answers are yes, then read on….

Are you struggling with nagging feelings there should be more to life?

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering what life is really all about?

Would you like to change some of your priorities?

Are there choices you've made that you wish you'd chosen differently?

Do you want more from life? 

Did you once have hopes and dreams that you quietly put in a box and pushed into the shadows? 

Do you secretly have new dreams with even greater possibilities?

Do you wonder where the time goes?

How much longer are you willing to go on putting it all off?

'Don't die with the music still in you.'  Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I show women over 40, struggling with self doubt, sometimes beset by anxiety, too often lacking in self-confidence, and with nagging feelings that there should be more to life; how to open up their box of treasured dreams and, by releasing all the active blocks that prevent their dreams from coming true; step on to the path leading to their most fulfilling and abundant life.

Do you want to create a life that really matters to you?

Is there something inside of you calling to be heard?

Is there a creative project you’d truly love to get started on?

Are you wanting pastures new but not sure what they are?

Are you struggling with lack of self-worth?

Are you uncertain how you can begin to create the transformation you know you want?

And are you scared of taking the wrong direction?

Are you worried about how your finances, your relationships, and your present life style would be affected?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Reaching for the stars?

photo by luizclas ~ pexels ~ reach for the stars

 Whatever blocks are preventing you from moving forward ~

There are ways to clear them from your path ~

I use an immensely powerful innovative therapeutic technique known as EFT / Tapping 

Whether you’ve come across EFT / Tapping  before or not, you will learn new and direct methods from me that you will be able to use on your own in time, once you’ve become familiar with them.  You will be surprised how incredibly effective Tapping is!

I also employ various other techniques that will be entirely personalised to cater to you and your specific needs ~

There is a way forward  ~

Click the link below for a completely free, clarity call, by phone or zoom, to decide on your next move!


I can show you how to clear the way and reveal the path to creating your meaningful, and abundant life.  I can show you how to find your confidence and step forward, shining your own light.   I can show you how to reclaim your true power.

So are you ready to dive deep? And face the challenges that might come up for you? With me there to guide and support you, and catch you before you fall?

Because you really do have the potential to move through all the fears and the resistance that are present and active in your life.

You have the potential to live a life full of  confidence, clarity, freedom and reward.

Don’t you deserve that?

Contact me to have a conversation about your way forward.  Because there is one.

I feel passionate about helping women over 40 live the life they were meant to live; because I feel that this is where I can provide the best experience and impact. I'm there now!
I'm an excellent problem solver, so whatever your unique story, however far you've come, and wherever you'd like to go, I can be your guide!

If you would like some clarity ~
you need to create a plan

 Let’s talk about your hopes, your creative talents, your cherished dreams and your longed-for goals. 

….And what might be holding you back?

 What are your strengths, your weaknesses, and above all, your blindspots?  Where does your deepest resistance lie?  Do you notice when you sabotage yourself?

create positive change in your life with EFT

 Why is all this important to you?  How will fulfilling your hopes and dreams make you feel?  What are the rewards you’d really like?  Let’s get some clarity and make it a reality!

Women! Clear Inner Resistance

 What do your dreams look like? How can you turn them into reality?

Are there actions you enjoy taking, and others you avoid at all costs? 

How would you like everything to unfold?

 There are practicalities to clarify.  You need a plan. Several actually. And you need clarity around money. 

How much money do you believe you deserve?

A crystal ball lit by golden light on a blue frosty background

At the end of the call we’ll both know if, and how, we can work together.

This is an online service.  So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world!  Nor what time of day it is!

The initial clarity call conversation is completely free. It can be on zoom video, or phone (UK only).

It may take anything up to an hour.  By the end of the call you’ll have a clear idea about how we would work together and we would have an outline of how to move forward.

The plan would broadly cover five stages.  During the call you’ll gain a lot clarity about your situation, and have one or two ‘aha moments’, where a few things will fall into place.

At the end of the call, I will make you an offer, entirely based on what you’re looking for and how I can help.

If you’re ready to move forward in your life, and have had enough of putting it all off, then contact me  via the link.

I love helping people feel better and I would be delighted to talk with you. Debs x

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